Us Heit 4-pack mix package

Us Heit Mix Package

The Us Heit mix package is ideal if you want to taste a number of different types Us Heit beer. This package includes a bottle of Us Heit Twels Pilsner, a bottle of Us Heit Twels Special, a bottle of Nuchtere Heit and a bottle of Us Heit Buorren.

The pilsner tets its name from the original location of the brewery: Uitwellingerga, often shortened to Twel. This lager is a traditional gold pilsner with a fresh, soft and above all a pure taste. The fine aroma gives this beer a pleasant character. Twels Pilsner is a beer with a fresh finish.

Twel Special is a beer brewed for the motivated beer drinker, who likes a malty flavour. This is a real terrace beer: sunny, refreshing and most of all mind-blowing.

Buorren beer is a beer brewed with high fermentation. Buorren beer is characterized by a malty fruity aroma and a slightly bitter taste. Because secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle, one should pour is carefully. Buorren beer is best served at cellar temperature (10-12° C).

Nuchtere Heit. Do you know how the Frisians always stay alert? The secret lies in Nuchtere Heit. This low-alcohol beer is not only a happy drink, it also ensures that you will stay sober. The unfermented malt sugars give a malty and sweet taste.

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