The Brewing process

About the brewing process

Since 1985 there are eight delicious Us Heit - specialty beers brewed with passion by brew master Aart van der Linde. For the production and delivery of raw materials we only use suppliers from the area. The entire production of our products is arranged so that we have the whole process from farmer to consumer in control. We make a very conscious choice for this responsible production methods. Not because it is cheaper, because production is not simpler or cheaper, but in the extra character that we can give to our products through this method of brewing and distilling.

Malt, The soul of the beer

When we are going to brew beer, the process starts with malt. Malt is barley that is purchased from a farmer in our immediate surroundings. In our own malt house, the barley is soaked, germinated and dried. Various types of malt give beer their colour and a refined taste. In addition, beer owes her beautiful foam head to the malt. After the malting process, we first make a mash of malt and water. The sweet liquid which is produced in this process is being boiled.

Hop, The flavouring of the beer

During the boiling of the sweet liquid, we add the hops. This hop comes from our own hop garden in which we grow five different varieties. The unique aroma and bitter taste of hops provide a set-off to the sweet malt for balance in the beer. Hops also has an antioxidant effect: it slows down the aging of the beer, so that it has a longer shelf life.

Yeast, The life in the beer

After this process, the yeast is added. Yeast causes fermentable sugars to convert into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Top fermentation (at higher temperatures) creates fruity, robust flavours and malty beers. Under fermentation (at lower temperatures) is used for brewing clear, fresh flavoured beers like pilsner.

Water, The purity of beer

The naturally pure water we use in making our beers comes from the 250-meter-deep Frisian glacial source in Spannenburg. This also happens to be the tapwater in the area of the brewery. It constitutes 90% of the final product and influences the appearance and taste of the beer by the minerals that it contains.

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