And regional production

Vision and regional production

We translate this ideology in the way we produce and are aware of where we are and what the earth means to us, by having respect for people and nature. For the production and delivery of raw materials we use suppliers from the area as much as possible. The entire production of our products is arranged so that we have the whole process from farmer to consumer in control.

The last link that, until recently, was missing in this chain was the hop. A piece of land is mined next to the brewery building, where Aart van der Linde has now planted a hop garden. He has selected several types of hops with delicious bitter hop flavours that will give our Us Heit beers a fresh and spicy hop taste. The circle for all ingredients, which means: selected grains like wheat and barley, hops, yeast and pure water, is hereby completed.

The products are not only vernacular but also produced sustainably. The brewery uses for its energy management two biomass boilers and solar collectors. By using these resources, we contribute to the improvement of the environment and this of course, leads to saving on our energy costs. By burning wood pallets we save about 50% on our heating bills.

We use one biomass boiler for our hot water supply and the other biomass boiler for our malt house. In our malt house, the barley is soaked, germinated and dried with hot air from the biomass boiler. The method of drying is very important for the characteristics of the final product.

So we consciously choose this mode of production. Not because it is cheaper, because production is not simpler or cheaper, but in the extra character we can give to our products with respect for our earth and nature.

At Us Heit we think and act cyclical. In the energy circle (energiecirkel) it revolves around energy that does not dilute our planet. In the raw material circle (grondstoffencirkel), we try to stay close to our home and to keep the production into our own hands. In the knowledge circle (kenniscirkel) it revolves around working with others around our product.

The circles themselves are very dynamic. We seek personal contact, the common passion. The strength occurs in the connection between these circles. It ensures that the circles slowly converge. Eventually Us Heit wants to put the compass point in the new center.

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