Frysk Hynder Whisky in cask

12 liters of whisky in wooden cask

Frysk Hynder Whisky in cask

The Frisian Whisky is also available in smal oak casks. The cask is provided with a copper nameplate which indicates that the cask is filled especially for you.

The cask, with a total capacity of 12 liters Frysk Hynder Whisky, is places on a solid kid making it easy to pour your guests a glass of whisky.

With this cask you get six special whisky glasses. You will also receive a certificate of purchase which contains all specifications of this whisky.

Once this cask is ordered and made ready for use, we are delighted to invite you to come visit us for a whisky tasting and tour for four people. Afterwards you can take the whisky cask home for you and your guests to enjoy this GOLDEN SPIRIT.

Refer to the User Information, for more practical information on the whisky cask.

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