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The cask is filled with a three years old whisky. The certificate with the label shows in what type of cask your whisky has matured. Now the whisky is stored in a new wooden cask of 12 liters. This creates a wood finishing.
This cask of whisky is NOT suitable for long-term storage/maturing. The whisky is ready to drink so can be used immediately. Because of the large difference between content and surface, there will be a faster evaporation. Additionally, the ratio of the cask with the whisky causes an intense flavour development, so storage is not recommended. The cask must be stored cool and dark otherwise excess alcohol evaporation will occur in the cask and the wood will expand and/or contract.

The cap on top of the cask is firmly beaten in so it can be transported safely. At home you have to detach this cap with a wrench because otherwise the cask will pull vacuum.

The cask can be refilled but should not be left empty for too long. When this is the case the cask will get dry and start to leak, then it is no longer usable. Also, never fill the cask with water. We recommend to get the cask refilled when the tap does not pour whisky anymore.
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